My Week of Eating Healthy, (And Making Paleo Brownies)


School ended around May 10, with my father’s birthday coming soon after. That week saw a lot of gorging on sweets and eating with friends. The royal wedding came soon after. During this time period, I signed up for a gym membership with a semi-personal trainer. My attempts to be healthy in these weeks were in vain. On the day of the royal wedding, we ate nothing but scones and chocolate. My mother had decided she had enough. She decided she was going to stock the fridge with healthy foods.

We went to Sprouts and bought an assortment of various vegetables and fruits. I love fruits but I loathe vegetables, so I mostly just picked out fruits. I did pick out some kale, which is one of the only vegetables I can bear to eat.

After buying all of those healthy foods, we went to our local Homegoods store to buy some glass containers to store our healthy foods. My mother spent the night chopping up the fruits and vegetables, washing them and then storing them in the fridge in glass containers. My mom told me that this kept the foods fresh for a longer period of time. Throughout the week I snacked on strawberries, rhubarb and kale. I also took chlorella and spirulina tablets. I found that just in this week alone that my hair had gotten shinier, along with my skin becoming more supple and clear. Isn’t it crazy how much what we put in our bodies affects us from the outside?

Making Paleo Brownies

While me and my mother shopped for glass containers, we found a small section in the store which sold healthy baking ingredients. I bought coconut flour, cocoa powder, coconut flour and chia seeds, as those ingredients make for good, healthy desserts. I had originally intended to make chocolate waffles with these ingredients, for a healthy treat after a week of clean eating.

On Wednesday night, my mom made my family roast turkey and vegetables for a healthy dinner before I headed off to Los Angeles. I decided to make clean and healthy chocolate brownies instead. I found this excellent recipe for coconut flour brownies. I had all of the ingredients listed on this recipe in my house, along with coconut sugar. While making healthy brownies seemed like an impossible feat, after viewing all of the rave reviews of this recipe, I decided to go ahead and make it. It was going to be a Healthy-ish dessert for my family after eating healthy all week.

I was apprehensive about a recipe like this at first. The brownies were described as “Paleo”, along with grain-free and dairy-free. I thought that paleo brownies could not possibly be tasty right? I decided to move forward and attempt to make these. It would be a shame to waste all of those healthy ingredients if the brownies tasted foul, but it would not be the end of the world. I figured I would give it a shot.

I must say that getting all of the chunks out of the coconut flour and the coconut sugar was a nightmare. I also did not have an electric mixer on hand. Stirring all of the ingredients together was challenging. I was worried that the brownies were going to be disgusting. My worries dissipated once I tried a bit of the raw batter, (it is best not to do this as there is raw eggs in this batter). It tasted decadent and delicious!

I put it in the oven and checked the brownies after 20 minutes. I put a stick in the brownies quite a few times throughout the course of around 35 minutes, with the stick turning up wet brownie batter each time. I was worried that the brownies would not cook.

Eventually they did cook. I remember sneaking a small corner of the cooked brownies in my mouth. It tasted rich and delicious. When I gave it to my family for our dessert, my mother and my sister loved it. My father refused to try it, as he decided that the brownies were disgusting without even trying them! That’s alright, it just means more for us! These brownies tasted delightful with some strawberries and raspberries on top. I was proud of myself. Desserts can be delicious with cleaner and healthier ingredients. I say don’t knock it until you try it!

Overall, I think I had a pretty healthy week. I went to the gym and had some intense workouts. I ate clean the whole week. As I write this, I am in an airport terminal, about to head to Los Angeles to see my boyfriend. Let’s hope I continue to be healthy while I’m in L.A!

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