My Hot Wings Obsession


I love hot wings. My whole life I have been obsessed with hot wings. I have recollections of being a little kid and going to Uncle Sam’s, (which is a small chain of restaurants  in my native Phoenix), and digging into their hot wings. When I was little, I would order hot wings everywhere I went. All throughout my teens I have made buffalo chicken dip and it has always been a hit at parties.

This hot wings obsession has continued into my adulthood. Nothing has ever been able to beat Uncle Sam’s hot wings! I recall asking the waitress at Uncle Sam’s which hot sauce they used in their decadent buffalo sauce. She told me that the sauce was homemade.

Usually I had bought buffalo sauce pre-made at the grocery store in the past. I was curious if I could make my own hot wings with my own homemade buffalo sauce.

Buffalo sauce is basically cayenne pepper sauce, butter and vinegar, with maybe hollandaise sauce and a bit of garlic added. At the end of last summer, I asked my boyfriend if we could try making our own buffalo sauce. I decided to try it. The first time I made the buffalo sauce, it was extremely tangy, yet something was missing. It took a couple of tries to get it right and months later, I think my buffalo sauce is pretty darn delicious! It takes constant adjusting of the ingredients for me to get it “just right”. I am still trying to get the exact ingredients perfect, so I can have my own recipe and continue to consistently make the same delicious buffalo sauce in the future.

I was in my apartment at college and I wanted to make buffalo wings. We didn’t have a fryer, but my boyfriend suggested we bake the buffalo wings. We basically just bake our wings for 50 minutes to an hour. They may not be as good as Uncle Sam’s hot wings, but they are pretty good!

Stay tuned for a blog post in the future where I talk about how I make my baked wings and homemade buffalo sauce!



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