So I finally tried Zumba…..


I am the most uncoordinated, clumsy person ever. I have two left feet. I am constantly bumping into things and tripping over things. I first heard of Zumba when I was 13. I peered into a Zumba class at the gym and I swore I would never do that. I can’t dance.

Recently I have started working out regularly after living a fairly sedentary lifestyle for around six months. I have tried a variety of fitness classes at my university gym. I was attending many of the strength training classes along with Pilates. I also worked out independently at the gym on the weight machines.

After I had engaged in a Total Body Sculpt class, I spotted a bunch of people dancing in a dark room. It had a disco ball going. I realized that it was the Zumba class. I figured that a Zumba class in a dark room can’t be that bad. I heard that one Zumba class can burn up to 500 calories and that it was a better cardio workout than kickboxing. Kickboxing had always kicked my butt, so I was down to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. After doing Zumba YouTube videos at home for a week, (sorry downstairs neighbors!), I finally took the plunge and went to a Zumba class on Tuesday.

I got there 20 minutes early. There was a girl waiting outside of the class who was decked out in bright workout clothes. I asked her if she went to the Zumba class and she said yes. She explained to me that this Zumba was done in a dimly lit room and that the instructor forbids his attendees from looking at themselves in the mirror while they are working out.

I chilled in the exercise room for a while, watching around 30 girls come into the room to go to Zumba. They all seemed to know each other. I was probably the only one in the entire room who was not talking to somebody.

Finally, the instructor came in. He asked who was new to the class. Me and around five other people raised our hands. He told us to take a water break whenever we want and not to ever look in the mirror. The class then started.

Honestly, there were so many people in the class, it was pretty easy to blend in. I didn’t feel as self-conscious as I thought I would.

After going through two songs, I was so worn out. My heart rate was going through the roof. I was still having a bunch of fun though. I kept missing the non-verbal cues, I didn’t really pay attention to the instructor. I just went with what the other girls were doing. I had a blast for the next 30 minutes. At the end of the class, I was pooped! But I was so happy, I finally went out of my comfort zone. I almost never dance.

I have only taken one Zumba class but I plan to go again this upcoming Tuesday. They say you need to take three Zumba classes to truly enjoy it. We will have to see how I feel after two more Zumba classes!

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