Colourpop’s Elsa Palette From The Frozen 2 Collection Review


Has anyone watched Frozen 2 yet? Raise your hand if you’ve watched Frozen 2. *raises hand*

Yes, like many others, I have watched Frozen 2. Can you believe it’s already made over $1 billion at the box office? Oh wait, I’m sure after seeing the predecessor’s tremendous success, you most certainly can. 

We all remember how “Let It Go” permeated the radio waves and the cultural lexicon like nothing we had ever seen before. Parents were inundated with children constantly delivering impromptu renditions of “Let It Go”. I recall being in my late teens and seeing Youtubers constantly cover the hit song. 

Such a cultural phenomena comes the perfect opportunity for companies to capitalize on classic Disney-fied brand loyalty. Frozen is now a franchise; an entertainment empire, with companies clawing to license their products with the “Frozen” trademark on it.

Now, I myself am a Disney fiend. Call it nostalgia, or corporate indoctrination, the moment I see anything branded by the mouse himself, I am always tempted to succumb. My bank account silently recoils in horror when I walk past anything Disney-related. And heck. I LOVED Frozen. 

I saw Frozen 2 a day after it came out in theaters; literally the Saturday of opening weekend. While I wasn’t a big fan of the convoluted and cluttered plot, I am not ashamed to admit that I am still blasting “Into The Unknown” in the car on the way to work. But this ain’t a movie review! Let’s get on with it.

I have heard nothing but good things about Colourpop within the makeup sphere. People praise the affordable prices, unique color selection, and smooth eyeshadow formula. Although I would consider myself an avid makeup collector and hobbyist; as of a few weeks ago, I had yet to try Colourpop. Wow, it felt blasphemous saying that. So, it became an obligation for me to dip my toes into the Colourpop phenomena.

The moment I feasted my eyes upon the Frozen 2 collection, I was immediately drawn to Elsa’s color scheme. These are extremely unique shades, and as someone who buys a new palette every week, I can honestly say I haven’t seen a color scheme like this. It’s extremely unique. Anna has her own palette too, for those girls out there who love warmer colors. 

This obviously has a more cool-toned theme to the palette; as is appropriate for any Elsa-themed palette. I also have a very cool-toned complexion, so I feel naturally very drawn to cooler colors.

After a banal week of waiting on the delivery of my Elsa palette, I finally received it in the mail. I have been using it for around two weeks now; so here’s the verdict.

The Shadows

The moment I dipped my fingers in the “Ice Crystals” shade, I was amazed at the pigmentation. The shadows go on like butter. 

They are also extremely pigmented and blendable. 

I’ll feature a look I created with the shadows below:

I love how the shadows are mostly cool-toned, with a hint of warmth mixed in. This makes the colors truly unique.

The shimmers go on smoothly, you just need to dig your brush into the palette to get the pigment from pan to eye. All shadows feature a multidimensional shift to them.

The mattes are highly pigmented and I never have any issues blending them.

The one shadow in this palette that I believe has the potential to divide a lot of people is the “Flurry” shade. It’s a chunky loose glitter. The glitter features a white tone with a light pink reflect, with the individual glitter particles being various sizes. I think that the shade is absolutely stunning, but I can see how it would be offputting to some. I found that the glitter goes on well using just your finger, rendering a glitter primer unnecessary.

Swatches are featured below:

They also last all day. I have worn these shadows for 12 hours straight, multiple times, with no issues at all.


Now, I’m not someone who is overly concerned with packaging. I know for some, packaging either makes or breaks a product. And that’s okay; we all have our own preferences. But, as someone delivering a review, I’ll touch on it.

The design features Elsa on the front; stylistically designed to match with Colourpop’s distinct branding and aesthetic. 

The packaging materials do not feel particularly substantial, but I will say that I do like the relatively small size and thinness of the palette. It makes it easy to fit the stunning palette into my overfilled makeup stash.


So do I recommend this palette? Absolutely! With the amazing quality, unique colors, and stunning packaging, it’s safe to say Colourpop’s Elsa palette places the “affordable makeup stigma” Into The Unknown.

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