A Quick Review: Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Crimson


I have been obsessed with drugstore makeup recently. Rimmel and Wet n’ Wild have been my absolute favorite brands at the moment. I was obsessed with one of the Magnif’eyes palettes, the Spice palette, which is a spot-on dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette.

I recently picked up the Magnif’eyes Crimson Palette, which was only $8 at Walgreens. This palette very closely resembles the Spice palette, but the tones are more pink-toned. I honestly think these colors go along with my fair, cool-toned complexion a little bit better than the Spice palette does.

I personally found the color payoff to be beautiful. All of the red-toned and brown colors apply on to the eyes like butter. The only colors which I have an issue with in this palette is the light pink one and the champagne colors. The rest of them are great. To be honest, at $8, I am not going to complain about a few misses in the palette.

I applied these colors on to my eyes with the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer underneath. This was me after about three hours of wear, (excuse the messy lipstick, I had just been eating when I took this photo).

This was what my eyes looked like after 12 hours of wear, this was also after my Zumba class:

So overall, I think this is a beautiful palette. It is excellent quality, the color payoff is beautiful and the colors are long-wearing. If you have cool undertones to your skin and warm palettes just aren’t working out very well for you, consider this palette.



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