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Hello Los Angeles – I Have Arrived!


During the month of January, I decided that I wanted to stay in Los Angeles this summer. I was speaking to an internship in L.A at the time, with one of the partners of the company saying that he would request the H.R department to hire me as one of the interns. The internship sounded like a blast. I arranged to stay in Los Angeles with my boyfriend for the summer. Unfortunately, that internship would not end up following through. I would not allow for that to ruin my summer plans though!

My mom arranged for a family trip to Los Angeles to help me get settled into my new place. On June 6, we headed out of Scottsdale to venture Southern California. We first stopped in Palm Springs, staying in the Palm Springs Hilton hotel. At that point, it was just me, my mom and my sister. My dad would join us once we got into L.A later that week. We stayed there for two nights. Our first day there saw a fun day lounging by the pool and an evening browsing a street fair. The next day, we went to the Cabazon outlets on the way to Los Angeles. I splurged at the Neiman Marcus and Saks outlets, buying some beautiful clothes and a beautiful wallet to go with my new bag.

When we arrived in L.A, my vegan sister persuaded me to go to some of the numerous vegan restaurants which are scattered throughout Los Angeles during her week there. I had been curious about a vegan pizzeria called Cruzers and a place called the Veggie Grill for quite some time at that point. My boyfriend had refused to try vegan food with me so this was the perfect opportunity to try some vegan places in L.A. My curiosity would be satisfied by the end of the week.

On Saturday, my sister and my mother came with my boyfriend and I to have a healthy picnic on the beach. My dad had finally arrived later that afternoon. That evening, me and my family went to a place called “Killer Shrimp” with my boyfriend’s mother and stepdad. The shrimp was delicious. It was served in a spicy marinade and came with a huge bowl filled with French bread for dipping. I drool just thinking about it. My parents had business meetings with clients scheduled throughout the week. My parents work from home, with most of their clients being located in Southern California. They met up with pretty much all of their clients that week.

On Sunday, I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my boyfriend and my little sister. We had a blast on all of the rides. I have been to this theme park twice before, with the rides being just as fun as before. My sister loved Twisted Colossus and the steep Superman ride the most. I think Goliath and Twisted Colossus are my favorite rides. There were barely any wait times, just like the two times I had gone before. I feel like this experience allowed my sister and my boyfriend to get to know each other better. At the end of it, I think everybody was pretty happy to have went. I am still aching to go to Disneyland, but I have decided to wait until July to go, due to the opening of Pixar Pier.

On Monday, me and my sister went to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica while our parents met up with clients and my boyfriend was at work. My sister and I browsed around the mall, with my sister purchasing shirts from Forever 21. We went around the Santa Monica pier, with my sister being too tired to walk all the way to Venice Beach. We went back to the hotel and took my mom with us to get some vegan Thai food.

My sister standing in front of the Santa Monica pier

That next day, my sister and I decided to go around Beverly Hills. This was my sister’s last full day in Southern California. Once we got to Beverly Hills, we went to a place called the Urth Caffé. There, we had avocado toast and vegan chocolate cake. I felt so fabulous eating there. Here are the Instagrammable pics I took at the Urth Caffé:

We then decided to go to Rodeo Drive. I looked up how far away it was on my phone and it was only a ten minute walk away. My sister and I then headed over there. The whole road was like this parallel universe of luxury. I am not going to lie, I adore luxury. I love designer handbags. Our first stop, was of course Louis Vuitton. I looked at the $5,200 Petite Malle. That bag is my dream bag but I simply cannot justify spending that much money on a purse. I had already splurged during this trip. The sales associate seemed to actually be taking me seriously. Maybe she could tell that my bag was real? We then stopped in to Burberry, with the saleslady taking us seriously in there as well. After Burberry, none of the salespeople in any of the other stores took us seriously. The only things we got from Rodeo Drive were Chanel hand towels which were in the bathroom at Chanel and also some mascara and brow gel from the Sephora nearby.

I was shocked at all of the luxury I saw at Rodeo Drive. I saw Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces filling up the street. I saw women with Hermes Birkin bags for the first time in my life. It was like a dream filled with luxury. While I could not afford anything there, the experience was exquisite.

After going around Rodeo Drive, my sister and I went over to a place called Cruzer Pizza. I had been curious about the pizzeria since

Breadsticks at Cruzer pizza

I saw a youtuber named Trisha Paytas eat it during her brief stint as a vegan. The drive there was extremely stressful, with many twists and turns. When we finally arrived there, we ordered the buffalo chicken pizza and the breadsticks. The pizza was alright, it was mostly tasty at the parts were there was buffalo sauce and no cheese. The pizzeria used Daiya, which my sister and I are not a fan of. The breadsticks were to die for! The cheese tasted gooey and just like the real thing.

My sister was determined to visit a cupcake shop called Sprinkles. We pulled into the parking structure that our GPS ordered us to go into. I realized that this stop was at a shopping center called The Grove in Los Angeles. I had heard Youtubers discuss this shopping center before and it was cool to finally be able to visit this shopping center in person. Absolutely every woman there had a designer bag! It was a designer bag lovers dream! We went to the macaroon shop there, my sister ordering six macaroons. Me and my sister have shared a strange affinity for macaroons ever since we both worked at a mall kiosk selling macaroons two summers ago. The Nordstroms there had an amazing designer shoe and bag selection, with beautiful Givenchy bags and Christian Louboutin shoes for sale there. Of course, I only looked as I could not afford them.

We then went back to the hotel, exhausted. We gave our leftovers from Cruzer Pizza to our mom who hadn’t eaten all day, who inhaled the pizza and the last breadstick. My sister and I shared the macaroons with each other, reminiscing on our old summer memories. I then drove back to my boyfriend’s apartment and went to bed.

The next day would be my family’s last day in L.A. I had us all go to a trendy brunch place called Sunny Spot in L.A. It was the perfect place to share a last supper together. My family then dropped me off at my boyfriend’s apartment complex. It was a sad goodbye, but I’m ready to venture into the unfamiliar. I will continue to work from home this summer doing content and SEO work, but I hope to find a secondary job to get me out of the house, as I do not know many people in Los Angeles right now.

Lets hope for the best this summer!


Tara Xoxo



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