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Celebrating the Royal Wedding


Being from an English family, royal weddings are a very big deal. My dad is from England and my mom is from Ireland. I was born in England but I moved over to America before I was even a year old. Unfortunately, this means that I have no cool accent. We feel a sense of pride in the royal family. Watching the royal wedding has always been an event for us. Whenever there is a royal wedding, we are sure to watch it. We always have a viewing party with family and friends. This viewing party often involves scones, English chocolate and English breakfast tea. I remember during my freshman year of high school waking up at 4 a.m. to watch William and Kate’s wedding live on T.V with my mom. 

Despite being in America since the late nineties, my family has not forgotten where we come from. English candies and chocolates have always been intermittently scattered throughout our home ever since we could find stores which sold international snacks. Just this weekend my mom bought a load of English chocolate for the wedding celebration party, something which I found myself constantly snacking on.

This time, we did not get up that early in the morning. We prerecorded the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan Markle. Our neighbors who live across the street came over to watch the royal wedding with us. Our childhood friend’s mom came in an England t-shirt, along with a hat emblazoned with the union jack. We watched in excitement as Victoria Beckham and Amal Clooney showed up on the television screen in their designer dresses and elaborate hats. My mom would point at other more obscure members of the royal family and tell us who they were, discussing past dramas which involved them.

We watched the wedding and (nearly) cried. The bride looked stunning. We drank tea and ate scones and chocolate all day. It was a marvelous way to celebrate the royal wedding and connect with our heritage.





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