Foundations That I Have Tested Out This Summer


Lately, I have become obsessed with foundation. I am constantly trying new foundations, it is like an addiction. From drugstore to the highest of the high-end, I am forever in search for the perfect base. I have a mostly dry and sensitive, pale complexion. I have combination skin, where my T-zone is oily and my cheeks are dry. Finding suitable foundations can be difficult, but I must say that I am obsessed with trying out new foundations. I often look for foundations with a bit of a dewy finish, matte foundations do not tend to work well on me. I have moved away a lot from the matte trend, preferring dewy skin and glossy lips over matte skin and lipstick.

I am going to be giving a few reviews of some of the foundations I have tried on this summer, the good, bad and the ugly. Just a reminder, everybody is different. Everyone has a different skin type. Do not think that just because I didn’t have a good experience with something, that you will have the same experience. We are all different. Use blogs, reviews and influencers to get input and opinions but do not solely base your judgments of products from other’s experiences.

This summer’s foundation obsession began with this little guy:

Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1

A Youtuber I watch named Zabrena recommended this in her waterproof drugstore makeup tutorial. She stated that the foundation was waterproof. I was about to finish school and head off to a humid beach town in Southern California. I needed a humidity-proof and waterproof foundation. The foundation is cheap too, I thought why not try it?

When I first applied it, I found it to be difficult to blend. I am so accustomed to light-coverage, water-based foundations, which I have found go on a little bit better with a brush. Later on, I found that it goes on far better with a damp beauty blender. I personally am not the biggest fan of beauty blenders, but this foundation does have the best application with a beauty sponge.

It also tends to gather in lines and crevices in the face. It isn’t too noticeable though, not enough for me to have that much of a problem with it. It fills into my pores as well, making them look like little white dots. While this does have a built-in primer, this definitely needs a pore-filling primer, in my opinion!

It does definitely smooth out the skin and it lasts ALL DAY! I can put this on and it will last on me for 10+ hours. It also works perfectly in humidity. I can wear this all day when I go to the beach without problems.

Is it my favorite foundation in the world? No. I personally prefer a different finish, but I found it to be the perfect drugstore foundation for a long day out! On my skin, it seems more suitable for high humidity, compared to my other foundations. It blends perfectly into the skin whenever I go out in high-humidity with this foundation on. It does tend to feel a little more stiff whenever I am in Phoenix, however.

La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation

I have tried many foundations this summer, with many of them being found at a discount. I have only really tested out one high-end foundation, the La Mer soft fluid foundation. It was given to me by a friend who used to work in cosmetics. While it is a good foundation, I definitely would not recommend getting a foundation this expensive, unless either A.) You’re straight up rich or B.) You’re a makeup junkie who just wants to have this foundation once. I wouldn’t use a foundation this expensive as a regular go-to foundation personally.

When the La Mer foundation first goes on, it blends seamlessly into the skin, leaving my skin with a dewy and fresh look.  It leaves my skin feeling polished and elegant, it is the perfect foundation to go along with a light, glamorous makeup look.

Once I take the foundation off, my skin looks even better than before. During the time I tried this foundation, I was having an allergic reaction to another foundation, which I will discuss below. My face would start sporadically itching due to an ongoing allergic reaction I had, (a situation which will be discussed later in this blog post. The itching would subside around 10 minutes after applying this foundation. My skin is clearer and more radiant once I take this foundation off.

As I said earlier, while this is a beautiful foundation, I do not recommend spending so much money on it. I am honored to be able to have this foundation once, but there are so many other beautiful foundations out there. If it seems worth it to you, go for it. I am only going by own judgments, experiences and opinions.

Clé de Peau Beaute The Foundation

I heard about Cle de Peau a couple of months ago. My first encounter with Cle de Peau was this summer, when my boyfriend’s roommate used to work at the cosmetics counter at Nordstrom. One day, she came to me and offered me a Cle de Peau eyeshadow quad. The pigments were light and sheer, making it the perfect palette to go with a more conservative makeup look.

The foundation runs at $250, which I feel is way too steep a price for a foundation. I decided to only try it on for just a day, dreaming of a day when I might be able to have it once as a kind of “Bucket List Foundation”. I tried it on at a luxury beauty counter, pretending that I was planning to buy the foundation later.

It was dewy, radiant and fresh. It moisturized my skin. The longer I left the foundation on, the more it absorbed into the skin. It lasted 8 hours on me, looking even better by the hour.

I can’t really provide a comprehensive review, as I cannot find it in myself to justify buying a foundation so expensive. I only tried it on for a day, but I will say that it is a beautiful foundation.

Here is a photo of me trying on the foundation:

Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation

One day, I was shopping at TJ Maxx out of boredom. I looked through the makeup section, finding a beautiful clear gloss from Elizabeth Arden and also found the Becca Aqua Perfection foundation at a discount. I looked at all of the reviews of the Becca foundation and saw many reviewers claim that this is a good foundation for dry skin types. It is lightweight and leaves a dewy finish. I got it for around $10 and immediately tried it on.

My first impression of this foundation is that it was extremely light coverage, leaving the skin with a slightly “wet” look. I found it to be perfect for a day-to-day look. It would also be the perfect base for a seventies makeup look.

Around 20 minutes after first trying on this foundation, I felt my entire body begin to itch. My scalp, back, neck and face would just start randomly itching. The windows of my apartment had been open all day, with the fan blowing in air from the outside. I figured that a pollen of some sort had been blown in and had caused the itching. I took off the foundation, took some Benadryl and went to bed.

Here is a pic of me, when I first tried on this foundation:

The next morning, I tried a small amount of the Becca foundation on my jawline, to see if it was causing the problem. The itching got even worse and I noticed that area where I applied the Becca foundation had skin which was peeling off. My face began to break out, with painful cystic acne erupting all across my forehead. I immediately removed it. This itching went on for about a week. I had to completely disinfect all of the products and makeup products which I had used with this foundation. I even threw away the foundation brush I had used with the foundation.

I immediately returned the foundation to T.J Maxx a mere one day after buying it. I barely ever return things. What a nightmare!

Aside from all of this drama, the foundation truly was a beautiful foundation. I would recommend buying this foundation if you have dry skin and you are not looking for a lot of coverage. Just because this foundation gave me a reaction does not mean that you will have the same reaction. We all are different and all foundations and ingredients can be problematic for certain people. The only way you are going to know if a foundation causes a reaction is if you test it out for yourself.

FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Foundation

Drew Barrymore’s brand, Flower Beauty, has slowly been gaining traction in the Youtube beauty community. I first heard about this brand from Youtubers Zabrena, thataylaa and Tati. They were giving Flower Beauty’s products rave reviews.

I chose to try out Flower Beauty’s Light Illusion foundation after seeing a review from thataylaa. It looked absolutely beautiful on her dry complexion. This foundation is illuminating and dewy as opposed to matte. I personally dislike matte foundations. I have found that they don’t blend into my skin very well and they tend to pull up dry patches. I personally prefer foundations with a dewy finish.

I went out to Ulta to get this foundation. I got the lightest shade, porcelain L1. I have a slight tan because it is Summer and I personally find the foundation to be a little bit dark. I think that the shade range was seriously lacking. I’ll probably keep this foundation as a summer/fake tan foundation.

I blended this foundation out with my hands, as I had seen Youtube commenters advise this method as opposed to using a brush. It went on beautifully, giving my dull skin a sheen and plenty of moisture.

This foundation does emphasize imperfections, so I would advise you to steer clear of this foundation if you have acne. I have small spots on the top my forehead, near my hairline, they often come up during the summer. I am pretty sure they are due to sweat. When I first tried on this foundation, it emphasized all of the small spots that I had barely noticed before. At first, I became paranoid that the foundation was causing me to breakout, but then I realized that those bumps were the kind of acne that I usually get during the summer months. I am currently staying in Los Angeles, which is experiencing a heat wave at the moment, and there is no air conditioning in the apartment complex we are in. I tend to get small bumps on my forehead during the summer due to sweat. I had to cover up this area of my face with a matte powder, Loreal’s True Match tinted powder in C1. My small zits looked fine after I put matte powder over them. I am going to update this in about a week to let you know if this foundation is causing skin problems for me.

I also would advise those of you with oily skin to steer clear of this foundation. It makes my skin look borderline oily and at the moment my skin is on the dry side. I usually do not powder much, but this foundation makes me want to load up on the powder.


I tried this foundation on again on July 31st. I noticed within 3 hours of wear that small bumps were appearing on my skin again, they looked like whiteheads. I then decided that I had too many doubts about this foundation for it to make me happy. I returned it to Ulta, exchanging it for L’Oreal’s La Palette/Lip kit in Nude 03, which was on sale for $8. As I mentioned before, just because it didn’t work well with my skin doesn’t mean that it is not a good foundation. If you have yellow undertones and dry skin, check out this foundation! I bet you’ll love it! It is a bit pricey for a drugstore foundation, around $14 but check it out! Flower Beauty is now available at a few Ulta locations and Ulta has a pretty lenient return policy.

Overall, these were all excellent foundations with beautiful finishes. While my skin did react to some of them, that does not mean the same will happen to you.


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