Trying Out Drugstore Eyeshadows


Drugstore makeup has been getting considerably better in the past few years. I used to regularly buy drugstore makeup throughout middle school, occasionally buying MAC makeup for myself as a treat. Once I turned 14, I fully turned to MAC, subsequently shunning drugstore makeup. I became a complete and total makeup snob. For years, I decided not to buy drugstore makeup. The quality is terrible they said. Department store makeup is better, they said.

Around 2 years ago, I found out about Maybelline Age Rewind concealer from Youtube. I tried it and I found the coverage to be light and natural looking, with no creasing. This was my first time stepping my foot into the ocean of drugstore makeup. Later on, I fell in love with Miss Manga mascara from L’Oreal.

Lately, I had been hearing good things about Wet n Wild from Youtubers and friends. I had always thought of Wet n’ Wild as low-quality makeup that only 11-year olds would wear. I was surprised to hear that the quality had tremendously improved. Rimmel had also received many great reviews from Youtubers.

Lately, I have been watching a Youtuber named Zabrena, who mostly reviews drugstore makeup. She had sung praises of Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow palettes. Two palettes that she had reviewed in particular had caught my eye. One was called the “Rose in the Air” palette from Wet n Wild’s new releases. It was supposed to be a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills subculture palette. Another was the Rimmel palette, called Spice, which was meant to be a dupe for the Naked Heat palette. Zabrena did a thorough review showing the two palettes in action side-by-side here. The Rimmel palette was around $8 and the Wet n’ Wild palette was around $5. I was convinced.

I ordered the Rimmel palette off Amazon, after searching endlessly though drugstores. When it finally arrived, I put the shadow on without any primer, using only the Maybelline age rewind concealer on my eyelids. The colors went on to my eyes like butter, they were also extremely pigmented. The red shades came on dark and intense. My only complaint is that the cream shades, the camel shade and the dark purple shades lacked pigmentation.

I put the eyeshadow on in the evening, before I went to dinner. They lasted well, until I went to bed. 

I put these eyeshadows on the next morning, before I was going to make a 7-hour drive from Flagstaff to Southern California. My makeup always fades into oblivion during long car rides for whatever reasons. This would be the ultimate test. I put the eyeshadows on over just concealer, like the day before.

Here is what it looked like that morning, (with no eyeshadow primer might I add):

Here is what it looked like about 10 hours later, once I finally got into California and got settled in:

WOW! Who could expect quality like that from the drugstore? The only complaint I have is that the purple and white eyeshadows are not very pigmented. White and purple eyeshadows are difficult to make though, so I won’t dock any points for that. These eyeshadows do muddy together if you do not use an eyeshadow primer, but I always use an eyeshadow primer anyway.

Once I was in California, I bought the Rose in the Air palette from Wet n Wild. Upon immediately swatching them, I noticed the colors were smooth, with very fine pigments.

I tried them on the next evening, with only concealer as a primer. They came on smooth, were very easy to blend. My only complaint was that the dark pink shade was difficult to get to show up. It took a couple of layers to get it to show up.

I wore them all throughout the evening, without them showing any fading. They were beautiful colors.

The second time I wore these shades, the dark pink color came on pigmented. The colors blended beautifully and looked professional.

There is so much competition in the cosmetics industry. Drugstore makeup used to be a staple of many women’s collections, but in the advent of Youtube and Instagram, many women have turned to high-end makeup. Drugstore brands need to compete to stand out and this shows me that they have truly upped their game. I am excited to try more drugstore makeup in the future.

Recently I bought the Liquid Catsuit lipstick in “Rebel Rose”. I am currently trying it on right now. It will be reviewed soon in the near future, along with the Photofocus eyeshadow primer. I also bought the “Walking On Eggshells” palette and the “Petalette” palette. Let’s see how this works out!

UPDATE: The Petalette palette was difficult to work with. I had to wet the light purple eyeshadows to get them to show up on the eyes. It does look really beautiful once it goes on though. Walking on Eggshells is a beautiful palette as well, extremely neutral and easy to work with.


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