Profusion Chocolates Palette Review


Profusion Cosmetics is a brand that has really caught my eye lately. I have heard good things about their 21-pan palettes, which usually retail for around $10. I saw a review of the Profusion Cosmetics Chocolates palette from a Youtuber called Zabrena and it really caught my eye. She gave a glowing review praising the eyeshadow quality. I looked everywhere for this palette in Target stores, yet I could never find it.

I had forgotten about this palette for a while, until about two weeks ago, I came across this palette on sale at T.J. Maxx. It was $6. I just had to pick it up and test it out!

The color selection provided allows you to create colorful looks, as well as more conservative neutral looks as well. The color selection is extremely versatile.

The palette has a beautiful mixture of neutral browns, with a couple of teals thrown in. There are a few warmer tones, but they are not outrageously warm-toned eyeshadows. I have been completely obsessed with teal eyeshadows as of lately, so I have mostly experimented with the teal eyeshadows in this palette. In the photo below, I used “Wicked” on the lid, “Fuse” directly into the crease and “Quest” on the outer-half of the lid. I used “Likeable” on top of “Fuse” as a transition shade.

The shimmers come on to the brush very pigmented. I usually still do a bit of building up with the shimmers, but that’s just due to my application technique. The mattes are pigmented and go on smooth. They blend into each other perfectly into the crease.

The brush the palette comes with is excellent as well. I know a lot of people avoid the brushes provided in eyeshadow palettes; but let me tell you, the brushes which are included in Profusion palettes are excellent quality. I am very happy with it and I constantly use it when I use this palette, along with my high-end brushes.

Do I recommend this palette? Definitely!

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