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Building Your Small Business Presence Online


Our entire world has gone digital. Our lives now revolve around the internet and social media. In a online sea filled with business owners and entrepreneurs who are desperate to raise awareness of their venture, the idea of building your business’s presence online can be overwhelming. There is so much competition. You need to build up your online reputation if you want to make it in today’s world. Branding is an important aspect of attracting customers. But how do you build awareness of your small business when there is already so much on the internet?

Social Media

Your first step is building a social media presence for your upcoming business. Create an Instagram account, a Twitter account and a Facebook page for your brand. Come up with creative photos and posts which promote your business and position your brand in the marketplace.

Be sure to build a good website for your business. Consult a web developer. Be sure to include a blog, something which really helps with company branding and SEO.


SEO is important to help build your company’s presence online. People nowadays look to Google for everything. Everything we want to know is only a few clicks away because of search engines. Having visibility in the search engines will work wonders for your business. People look to the internet to decide whether to do business with you. Your reputation can easily be besmirched by negative reviews and posts about your business. People nowadays go by Google searches and online reviews when deciding whether to do business with you. Of course no business or individual can possibly please everybody and sometimes negative search results about your business can just happen. If you are unlucky enough to have a bad review or news story show up in the top page of your search results, do not let you or your business’s reputation be squandered by bad search results. Consult SEO and online reputation management experts to help you gain your reputation back.


Facebook ads are a cheap and easy way to raise awareness of your business. You can customize who your ads are targeting based on interests, demographics and geographic location. I previously worked with a business who only spent $20 on an ad campaign while promoting their small business. You do not even have to advertise a particular product, you can use Facebook advertisements to raise awareness of both your brand and yourself.


Display your company’s product benefits through videos. Create a YouTube channel for your business. Make creative videos which appeal to your target market and display your product. Allow this as an opportunity for your consumers to see your product in action. Understanding which kind of videos your target audience is interested in is also extremely important.

Understanding digital is the key to a whole new world of marketing. Consulting experts in the digital marketing field is key to building your brand online.

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