What Working Out Has Done for Me


I recently began working out regularly as a New Year’s resolution. When my winter break ended and the Fall semester began, I made a vow to work out and eat healthier. The “eating healthier” resolution is becoming a little dicey at the moment, but so far; I have managed to be pretty consistent with my workouts.

I used to be pretty consistent with going to the gym three times per week, until May rolled around last year. I failed to acquire another gym membership for the summer. I traveled to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, eating copious amounts of food. I went on a month long Europe trip, from the beginning of July to August. During this trip, I ate out often. I visited London, Paris and Ireland. In London, I was obsessed with eating biscuits. In Paris, I was obsessed with croissants. In Ireland, I was obsessed with Irish sausages. My family and I constantly went out to eat. Unsurprisingly, my waistline suffered.

During my Fall semester, I often went to Southern California to visit my long-distance boyfriend. There are so many quirky and original restaurants in Los Angeles. I follow many foodie Instagrammers who reside in Southern California. I hear of so many amazing, unique restaurants which are in L.A. I had to go out and try all the great cuisine in Los Angeles. During this time, I began to get extremely lazy. I probably only went to the gym twice that semester, no exaggeration. I began to feel depressed and unconfident. I felt like I was not caring enough for myself. As New Years rolled around, I made a resolution to work out and eat healthier.

I began to go to gym again during my first week of classes starting. When I first went into the gym beginning around mid-January, the gym was saturated with “New Years Resolutioners”. I have noticed that the number of students in the campus gym is already beginning to dwindle down. To me, this is both sad and relieving. I am relieved because now the gym and the fitness classes I go to are not as full anymore. This also makes me sad. It is sad to see so many people give up their fitness resolutions so quickly.

I currently engage in a mixture of different types of fitness classes and I often work out independently; using the weight machines. For my fitness classes, I do a Pilates and a Butts n’ Guts class once a week. I occasionally also do the Total Body Sculpt class that my university offers. Whenever I work out by myself, I usually go for whichever weight machines are available. While the number of people attending the gym has gone down, our campus gym is still pretty small in relation to the student population. Often times, I find that the machines I want to go on are usually taken by somebody else. I probably should be more regimented with my fitness regime, that is something that I should begin to improve on. I currently workout around four to five times per week. Even during hectic weeks, I strive to workout at least three times a week.

Working out has made me feel a lot more confident and happy. My waistline has slimmed down as well. I do not weigh myself, as I do not want to worry too much about weight. I will only worry about my weight if my doctor tells me that I am unhealthy. I will admit that sometimes I hurt my muscles, I probably use incorrect form a lot. This is something I need to work on as well. Overall, my fitness regime is not perfect but I feel a lot better than I did during my Fall semester.

On the bright side, the other day I bought cute new workout gear at the clearance section in Nordstrom Rack! I absolutely love my new workout pants. At least I’ll be dressed nice while I break a sweat!

As for the healthy food resolution….?

At least I had a Diet Coke with them?

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